Students & Families

Information for Maplewood Students & Families

Maplewood High School supports our students, families, and community. We understand that we must educate the whole child in order for each and every student to succeed at school and be prepared for their post-secondary opportunities. We strive to raise up our students and guide them as they grow into empowered and educated global citizens.

For information about Maplewood's Parent Teacher Organization, contact Cari Hassell-Morrow.


Supports for Maplewood Students & Families


Are you struggling with mental health and well-being? 

Call the free Support Line: (833) 632-4462.

Call anytime, day or night, any day of the week. Callers under the age of 16 will need verbal permission from a parent/guardian. Hotline callers can ask to speak to support in several languages.