MHS Dress Code

2023-2024 MHS Dress Code

The Maplewood High School dress code has been established to help students demonstrate consideration and respect for themselves and others, as well as develop employability and life skills. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately when they arrive to school every day and remain appropriately dressed throughout the school day.

The Student Dress Code Policy will be enforced on the first day of school until the last day of school.

  • Any color or pattern top, dress, skirt and/or bottoms that do not have illegal or inappropriate content.
  • All shirts, blouses, and tops must have straps. Straps must be at least three fingers in length.
  • Jeans and sweatpants are allowed.
  • Leggings are allowed only with a shirt that covers the navel, belly button, and buttocks area.

  • If jeans have large holes, then leggings must be worn to cover exposed skin areas.
  • Baseball caps/snapbacks are allowed.
  • All skirts, dresses and shorts must meet the required length (no more than two inches above the knee).
  • All students are expected to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to dress appropriately for school and school functions.
  • Students and their parents have the primary responsibility for acceptable student dress and appearance.
  • Teachers and all other school personnel should exemplify and reinforce acceptable student dress and help students develop an understanding of appropriate appearance in the school setting.
Not Allowed
  • No hoodies worn on your head in the building/classrooms/hallways/restroom. No sunglasses.
  • No head coverings such as hoods, bonnets, bandanas, scarves, ski masks, do-rags, rollers, or hairnets should be worn on your head at any time.
  • No pajamas or sleepwear (including house shoes, slippers, shower caps, onesies, bonnets, or do-rags/scarfs).
  • Biker shorts and spandex are not pants and should not be worn in the place of pants. No onesie jumpsuits.
  • No clothing exposing the upper chest cleavage, midriff, torso, buttocks, upper thigh; including see-through garments, racer-back shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, halters, tube tops, spaghetti strap garments, crop tops, bare midriff outfits, or shirts tied at the midriff. All shirts must be waist length. No crop tops. No sheer or see-through clothing.
  • No mini-skirts, mini-dresses, or backless dresses.
  • No sagging pants.
  • No logos or manufacturer’s trademarks with writing or images containing illegal substances or obscene gestures and language Including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol or tobacco paraphernalia, offensive, lewd, indecent, vulgar, obscene, profane, gang-related, racial or ethnic slurs.
  • Tattoos and jewelry that may display drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, gang-related or sex-related words or images must NOT be worn. No lighter reels.
  • No bulky jewelry, chains, spiked accessories, and belt buckles with concealed weapons.
  • No blankets in the building.
  • No house shoes or flip flops.
Special Provisions

Maplewood High School will provide reasonable accommodation to students whose bona fide religious belief, medical condition, or disability requires special clothing. Those students who observe specific religious practices that require head coverings must submit appropriate paperwork for approval to the office.

Behavior Resolution

Students will have the opportunity to self-correct prior to receiving a disciplinary action in accordance with school and district policy. Students that do not follow Maplewood High School’s Dress Code policy and refuse the opportunity to self-correct will receive a disciplinary resolution from the administration team. Maplewood will follow MNPS Restorative Practice supports and communication strategies. Parents and guardians will be notified by the teacher or an administrator prior to students receiving a disciplinary resolution.